All aspects of rhinoplasty surgery

In terms of rhinoplasty we basically treat all aspects of rhinoplasty surgery from patients who are having their first rhinoplasty to patients who’ve had rhinoplasty in the past and are here for a revision or secondary rhinoplasty.

Also special case patients or different ethnicities. Rhinoplasty is one of the core components of our practice.
Because of my background in otolaryngology followed by facial plastic reconstructive surgery it gives me a great foundation to be able to treat patients of all different nasal types and desires and levels of complexity.

I’m so happy with my results my nose is exactly what I wanted.

It’s hard to imagine what you’re going to look like after surgery. I mean with your nose

there is no real way to lift the skin or see it in any real way

except for Dr. Karam does do imaging on the computer. My results

turned out way better than I had ever imagined they could and even better

than the imaging that he did. I’m thrilled! I love my new nose!

Rhinoplasty surgery really relies on both your artistic vision

as well as a very sound,

very deep understanding, of what you can achieve surgically and

what can be done

both in the immediate sense and also for the long term because the nose is a very

dynamic part of our face and once we manipulate it it continues to change

over time.

A lot of the things that we do at the time of surgery have to take those

changes into consideration. The right types of support and the right types of

surgical maneuvers need to be done so you can get a safe

and functional nose over the long run.

That’s where the science and that’s where the surgical skill comes in.

Then there’s another element which is basically trying to

create a nose shape that works with the entire face and I think that’s

where it’s on us as plastic surgeons to be able to create a nose that not only

enhances the beauty of the face but also stands the test of time and holds up.

I’m just glad that I had my nose surgery at the time that I did it.

I feel good now taking pictures and there’s never been a regret.

It’s just been a great great process and Dr. Karam made me feel comfortable the whole

time. My before and afters are just astonishing and the results so natural that

nobody even noticed. I didn’t tell my family because I just didn’t

want to. I wanted to do this for myself. When I told them, they loved it

after I showed them the before and afters, It’s almost like you have to

see the before and afters to even see

a difference because my face just looked natural and refreshed.

No one just came out and thought that I had anything done.

That was pretty astounding.

If a patient comes in with an interest in rhinoplasty surgery the first thing that I ask the

patient is

simply to give me

three things about their nose that they’re hoping to change. Or what

bothers them about their nose.

I spent a lot of time

trying to nail that down.

To really understand where they’re coming from. The reason why I spend so much

time on that is because the patient’s here for a reason and there’s a

reason why they made the phone call. They made the effort to research me

and come into my office.

I have to really understand what that reason is so that I can deliver on

their expectation. It’s not about my artistic vision. They’re not just coming

in here saying “do whatever you want to me”. They want to really get the things that

bother them about their nose sorted out and then consult with me and see what other

things that I’m seeing that they’re not necessarily seeing.

That is how I start my consultation and sometimes it’s surprising.

Things that might bother me

do not bother the patient at all. They don’t even see it. They could care less about it.

Then there are things that i consider relatively minor, that become a major

focus for them.

If I were to miss that

and do something based on my own

sort of idea,

then they’re going to walk out of here saying “I didn’t get my expectation met”.

“I need a revision now”. I think that’s one of the most critical aspects of our

rhinoplasty consultation process. Following the initial examination we take photographs of

the patient and we do some computer imaging. The imaging in our practice is really essential.

It allows them to be sure that

our visions are lined up.

New patients also have the opportunity to call previous patients of ours.

From that point the patient moves forward with their rhinoplasty surgery.


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